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Find out where classes will be or contact us for information on group or individual classes.

Learn to rush a stool with fiber (paper) rush. Skills used in this class can be used to rush chairs with other materials: Pretwisted Natural Rush, seagrass, paracord, twine, corded wool or whatever you can imagine.

Porch Weave

You've seen them, right? The big porch rockers, sad, with no seat? Learn the basics of weaving the New England Porch Weave on a stool. At the least, you will have a gorgeous natural material (reed) stool and a new skill. If you're adventurous, you can become a chairnerd and start saving sad chairs and restore them to their former glory!

Shaker Tape

Create your own unique weavers bench using 5/8 inch shaker tape. Color choices will be provided before class. Learning this traditional weaving art will give you the skills to make more seating in the future. Save the chairs!

Belt Stool

Learn to weave leather belts into a functional, beautiful stool. Perfect for repurposing!  It will give you ideas on how to repurpose what you already have at home or find at excursions like thrift shops and flea markets.

Tie Stool

Learn how to weave an assortment of men's ties into a stool. Perfect gift for a retiree, a memorial tribute for a family member, or just an upcycling project. Instructor will supply ties, but feel free to bring some personal items to add to the mix.

It's a perfect gift for a memory of a loved one or a retirement celebration.

Corder Wool

Corded Wool is a great class for kids and first-timers to learn the skill of rush weave. The wool is colorful, tactile and forgiving. It is easy to learn the concept of rush with this material. Because it is so warm and fuzzy, it is fun to work with and there is a fast sense of accomplishment. Wool is available in many colors or natural. The wool is locally grown at Flatland Alpacas in Griswold, CT.

Pick pack basket

Inspired by a summer day with my grandkids picking blueberries, this basket is based on and Appalachian Pack Basket pattern. Done smaller, it is a flat basket in the back with a belly front. Learn the basics of this basket and use your imagination to change it up to your needs: berry-picking basket, sling purse, wall basket, supply holder or mini-back-pack. Simply change the handle treatment.

Produce Baskets

Produce baskets keep your root vegetables (Potatoes, Garlic, Onions) out of the fridge or plastic bags and ready-to-use in open baskets with circulation. Farm-fresh Eggs can also be stored in baskets (not store-bought ones)

Made with round reed and a twining weave, these baskets can vary in size suited to your needs. A strong twisted handle is added to hang on the wall .

Perfect for materials you want to SEE instead of keep cooped up in a box, too.

Versatile and good for a beginner, this is a fun class.

reed heart

Reed Hearts, great for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or just plain fun! This is about 2 hour class. Sizes and colors vary. 

Muldoon-Susan-Reed Snowflake.jpg
Carolina Snowflake

Carolina Snowflakes. Fun for the winter in any color. Used as a decoration or tree-topper. Colors are only as limited as your imagination.


A great basket to carry , display and store items! Starts with an intricate Josephine's Knot and radiate the ribs out to create a rounded shape. No limits on your imagination. Use reed now, but use the concept to add other media (wool, fabric, cording, seagrass, etc) to make a unique basket.

Mrket Basket

Make your own market or tote basket! Great for beginners...A combination on over/under weave and some twill rows.

Perfect for a farmers market or shopping tote, or carry your supplies with you. Twill tape handle is woven in, you can make it the length that is comfortable for you.

Easter Basket Class.jpg
Easter Basket

Create your own spring basket! Perfect for Easter, as a planter, or collecting eggs (holds 2 egg cartons)

Muldoon-Susan-crossbody purse.jpg
Muldoon-Susan-egg basket.jpg
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