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Small Backpack Online Class

February 20, 21  ~ 10 am-Noon EST. (2 session class)

$120 including supplies and shipping

Dimensions 7" x 9" base and opening

11" Tall, 9" x 9" at "belly"

strap colors.jpg
basket back view.jpg
basket front view.jpg
basket top view.jpg

Kit includes everything you need to make a small backpack.

Learn the basic weave and shaping mwthods.

Choose your own stain (not included) and strap color (included).

You will need:

Water, clippers or scissors, butter knife or basket tool, 6-8 small clamps and a good internet connection.

Class will be recorded on Zoom for your reference. Choose to weave in real time, follow

along and weave later or download the class to weave at your own pace.

There will be a break after an hour. Questions open at break and end of class.​


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