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Upcycled Glass

It's a great feeling to look at something that may be discarded and sense what it can become!

In this fast-paced, over-consumption era it is wonderful to be able to draw on ethics of reuse and repurposing that were instilled at a young age. I was raised reusing, reinventing and fixing items to suit my needs. Small scraps of fabrics became quilts, someon else's discarded furniture came alive again when refinished or painted, rewoven or reupholstered.


I collected glass bottles for a while with the idea that I would make a garden border with upside-down bottles. After purchasing a bottle cutter, I decided to see what I could make. I have a 30 year background in the floral business and design is second nature to me. After I mastered the first few cuts, learned to grind down the glass, get the right glue and decided what to do with embellishments...I was off and running!


I began with what bottles I had around me and found I needed a bigger supply. Friends and family were happy to recycle their bottles with me, and then I drafted my nieces to recycle bottles from the local restaurants they work in.


When I go to shows, folks drop off their bottles to me. There is no shortage of bottles!


I hope you enjoy my interpretations and Wine Bottle Art. You can find items available at my Etsy Shop


Each item is one-of-a-kind & original. If you would like to order personalized items for gifts or

weddings or events, please CONTACT ME for a quote.

Candle Holders
Fund Jars
Stuff Jars & dishes
Wine Pearls
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