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"Woven Together" A tale of two friends.

Some friendships remain continuous through time and distance. I was excited to work with J Schwanke on his Life in Bloom series! I was in the floral industry for 28 years, and have known J at least 20.

You can imagine how happy I was when he said "Suzie-Q, come out to Grand Rapids!" "Ok, Sparky...set it up!"

It took some planning and logistics, but what fun. I flew out an a Monday, filmed on Tuesday and flew home Tuesday night. It was fascinating to see "behind the scenes" of the show. I shipped items out ahead of time and WOW did he do some amazing arrangements using my weavings while on the show. We wove some items together ...hence "Woven Together" as title of the show. We even made blueberry scones!

The Japanese Leaf Tray became the backdrop for a vase arrangement. The woven heart became a vessel for beautiful red flowers, complete with hanging amaranthus. The backpacks exploded with color, and the Shaker Cheese Basket hugged the warm blueberry scones. The show will air on April 22, and a week later will be on Ubloom There is a station finder on the website. Just enter your zip code to see where it's airing. It is going to be national! I'll be viewing it in CT on PBS Passport. Hopefully, with my grandkids! Follow along and weave a heart with us.


"Weaving step-by-Step" has been released! This was a long project, culminating in a 64 page book with 20 patterns. Crafts, Baskets,Seatweaving and Zen stones. It's a little bit of everything. I began teaching about 7 years ago, and needed directions for each project. Being highly visual when reading directions myself, that's the route I went for making my own sets. After a few years, there was quite a collection! I decided to put them together as a spiral-bound book to share with students.

You can order books online at or purchase one at a show or class.

You can find the current schedule here.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you at an in-person or virtual class, or a show near you.

Happy Weaving, Sue

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