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It's all about the belt, 'bout the belt...

Heh-heh, got a tune stuck in your head now? (sorry, couldn't resist)

About a year ago I began playing around with alternative seating. I LOVE my traditional chairs..cane, rush, wicker...but sometimes I just love to PLAY!

I have been a forager and saver for years, and I had a small stash of belts in the closet Yeah, I'll admit, some because they didn't fit anymore and some because I saw them at a tag sale or flea market and bought them and put them into the "someday" pile. Some I begged and cajoled from family.

The first sets of chairs I did were stools. I wove the belts on the top, and gave them a huge tug underneath, poked a hole with an awl and made them as taut as could be.

Then I wove the next set and did the same.

Thanks for the photos of the finished stool, Susan Waite! This stool originated from a call to recyclers to donate materials at the 75%+ ReUse Art Show and Sale . Northampton ReUse is doing a great job keeping things out of landfills! Remember, DON'T THROW GOOD STUFF AWAY! If you can't use it, someone can. If there's no place near you to recycle/repurpose, check out their ReCenter in Northampton MA. You can pay $10 for a transfer sticker. You don't need to be a Northampton or even a MA resident. Donate items or pick up something to re-love or re-do.

The next adventure was with a drop-in seat.

Belts were woven horizontally and then secured underneath. The weavers went in the opposite way and were also secured. This was a simple over/under pattern.

This seat went into a bar stool that was pretty hum-drum to begin with, but got a coat of black laquer and a HAND ILLUSTRATED back by Kathleen Lepak Design and Calligraphy!

I'm so glad to have a sister that loves to be creative as much as I do. She has been my inspiration for years. (yeah, hit "control +++ to zoom in on that artwork!!)

Amazing, right? That is 14 hours of pen and ink.,..what she calls "Doodling"

I sure don't doodle like that. Visit her website to see all the other amazing artwork she designs. Kathleen Lepak Design and Calligraphy

Last project! "Mutt and Jeff" Well...they are 2 bar stools that had been gently gnawed on by a couple of playful pups. A lot of plastic wood later and a couple layers of paint and they are (almost) new-like. (and not in the landfill!) They just have a couple of barely discernible "love marks" if you get on your hands and knees and look close. C'mon, it adds character and now you know the back-story.

Charm is the unofficial inspector. She is making sure all the screws are tight and have the grommets underneath for additional strength.

The excess belts will be cut. I now have a box full pf pieces/parts that I know will be something, someday. I have a few ideas already.

Now a pair of handsome and unique chairs! I'll admit whan I work with this much older material, I wonder about it's history. Was it a belt for a special occasion? Wedding? For work? Casual attire? Some are pretty detailed, some are much-worn. How did they end up at the Thrift shop...because you no longer needed them? Or because you were clearing out a house? Because I am sensitive to a lot of different energies, Iwhen I finish the chairs with used materials, I give them a quick "smudge" with Sage to remove any lingering energies on them. It may not be something you do, but it works for me.

"Mutt and Jeff" will be coming with me to the Vintage Market Salem June 27th, and if I have room, the "Doodle" chair too!

Moonfaeirie Designs will be at the market with her stunning Vintage Aprons, Feed Sack Aprons and upcycled jewelry. We have fun working together!

Hope to see you there!


PS...if you need website design, photography or blog info for yourself? Give me a shout-out on the contact form here...I do more than chairs!

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