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Welcome 2022!

Thank you for following me in 2021! I met a lot of new students, seatweavers and basketmakers alike. I appreciate you supporting my small business.

January is a time of quiet and reflection...oops. Scratch, rewind! It's a time to finish a tower of chairs waiting to be rewoven, finish up class proposals for 2022 (and even 2023!) and apply for shows. The good news for me is I don't have to travel far, this month anyway.

If there are any shows, fiber festivals or teaching opportunities you think I might be interested in, send them along! In-person or virtual.

Check the SCHEDULE page for a list of some 2022 events. The page will be updated as new events are confirmed.


Next Saturday I will have a virtual class on making reed hearts from 12-2. You can sign up at

There are kits available to mail, deadline is Monday! Unless you have your own reed, or would like to make them with paper for practice....then you can use your own supplies.

They work great as a window display, a gift container, a planter, or just plain fun.

Kids can make them in paper with glue sticks, reed and super-glue is best for adults.

They are not limited to Valentine's Day! They are a great gift all year round.

If you have finished products from classes, don't forget to tag @reduxforyou on Instagram!

Hope to see you sometime soon, my wish for you is to stay safe and healthy.

Happy weaving!


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