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Everyone thinks the cold days of the early year are quiet but...NOT! It's when most creative adventurers (note: self-employed craftspeople) are finessing their schedule for the rest of the year. Teaching. Shows. Talks. Guild Meetings...and more.

I have been updating my schedule and I'm excited to be at Northeast

Basketry Guild, Snow Farm, John C Campbell Folk School, HH Perkins, Berkshire Arts Festival, SeatWeavers Guild Gathering, New York Sheep and Wool Festival, CT Valley School of Woodworking and a few more "in the works".

You can see them all on my schedule page where they will be updated.

But...for fun?? I decided to post a few backpacks into a DIY Hero contest...and got in!

There's a couple reasons to be happy. I get to share my many crafts through this venue and there is a $25,000 prize for first place and a 2-page spread in DIY magazine.

But the most fun for me is I get to share my crafts on a wide platform. Who'd have thought basketmaking and seatweaving would be prominent in national exposure?

It is of course, a voting effort.

If you could please support me and the crafts by voting beginning March 8th, I would appreciate it.

Follow the link to to vote.

Here's a video I made to engage people to vote:

Imagine...seatweaving, basketmaking and small business on a national platform.

Thank you if you can share and help.

Happy weaving! Hope to see you at a class or event this year.


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